Capricorn daily horoscope 15 february 2020


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Here, what all star signs can expect today, Thursday, February Want to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your horoscope! For once, Aries, you may not be the leader of your group of friends, which may feel disconcerting. The more you can go with the flow and enjoy being in the position of follower, the better. You may be surprised by an unexpected event, or chain of events.

Capricorn Horoscope 2020: A Year of Complete Transformation

The universe loves spontaneity. Play along. No trip? Something is shifting and opening up your horizons.

Horoscope today: February 15, 12222

Pay attention to find out what it is. Trust yourself. And trust other people! On Saturday, the sensitive moon will oppose subterranean Pluto, reminding you that you can still disagree diplomatically. Be honest about your dream scenario instead of being either "nice" or cutthroat.

Your candid admission could pave the way for an unforeseen compromise. Let the negotiations begin! Sunday's dilemma: Commit or quit?

November 12222

You may be eager for answers to your big romantic questions as the heartfelt Cancer moon in your relationship zone trines the Sun in possessive Scorpio. If you've been pushing bae to take that next big step, things could come to a head. But there's no need to pick a fight with your love interest. Instead, have an open and honest dialogue about your plans for the future.

Daily Horoscope: November 11th - November 12th

Once you've synced your relationship goals, you'll be an unstoppable duo! If you're single, ask some coupled friends for their dating advice.