Capricorn february 23 2020 horoscope

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Adding to the mix will be Mars Retrograde from September 9 - November 13 right in your home and family sector. You might not want to schedule major renovations during this time since there could be delays or problems with contractors. On the upside, however, it is possible that you and a relative might work through a long-standing conflict because both of you now realize that it wasn't worth fighting over after all.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, will also dip into your 2nd House of Earned Income from March July 1, making you consider the smartest ways to make money and hold on to it. Saturn takes up this lesson full time after December 17, when he settles into your 2nd house until March If you do this transit right, you will learn how to make your money work for you. And you, dear Capricorn, always do Saturn transits right.

Log In OR. You could use this period to get fit, set times to go down the gym and change your diet. Mars retrograde is in your home sector which makes it powerful and angular for you. Not only that, but it will trigger by square the big three planets in Capricorn during its journey.

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This absolutely helps you tie up all the loose ends of the year. Mars erm.. Mars even in retrograde gets things done and takes brave action, it just takes a more strategic path rather than the usual impulsive reaction. The blitz of planets in Capricorn is over for your specific decan now, so you can just enjoy the end of the Jupiter conjunction. However, you will still feel the general weight of the Capricorn stellium only now in a subtle, more supportive way, especially if you are reading this for your ascendant.

What you need to do with this is to heal and recover from all the changes that have occurred. However, there is the excitement of an eclipse on your descendant which is fantastic for relationships. May I be as bold as to say that this could be one of the best years of your life?