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January Zodiac

As of February 1, we have several planets in Aquarius:. As of February 10, Venus heads into Pisces, but on February 13 at a. Greenwich time , the sensitive Moon will join the other planets in Aquarius. This period around your birthday offers a powerful opportunity to meditate on why you incarnated and how well you express your ideals.

You also have a chance to review your habits and character: what you do regularly determines your character, so cultivate positive and constructive habits so the character and personality you build match your spiritual ideals and offer others a worthy example. Aquarius gives us the quirky inventor, the genius, the one who marches to the beat of a different drummer. Aquarius is ruled by the eccentric planet Uranus, which has a tipped rotational axis that causes it to spin on its side.

Just imagine how things would appear if you looked at them sideways!

Today's Aquarius Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

Wherever you have Aquarius in your chart—and its ruler, Uranus—you have the potential to catch lightning a bottle because this sign and its planet carry associations with electricity and lightning and their equivalent on the inner plane: sudden "knowing" that comes like a bolt of lightning. We also need to pay attention to sudden inspirations that come through hunches, intuition, and "eureka! For you, Aquarius, the Sun, Mercury, south node, Venus, and new Moon in Aquarius are activating inner genius in your first house of health, personality, and the most meaningful projects you undertake of your own choice.

You mind will feel especially active now, so pay attention to your intuition this month and take sudden inspirations seriously. Write them down in a notebook or journal that you can carry with you and keep nearby when you go to bed so you can record important insights and dreams.

Some Famous Aquarians That Share Your Sign!

With all this mental stimulation, make time for physical activity to ground yourself plus plenty of rest to recharge; if any health insights come to you, make an appointment with a professional for advice or treatment. Also, your first house rules your personality and character.

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Your aura may feel supercharged, and your electrical energies will attract others, so enjoy socializing and meeting new people. February brings you many opportunities to shine, thanks to the Sun in your sign, Aquarius. You also may start a new writing project, work on something with siblings, or spend more time on charitable activities.

On February 6, Venus in your first house of health and your body will connect with your ruler, Uranus, in your house of communication and siblings. A few days later, on February 10, Venus leaves your personality and health house to enter your second house of income and possessions. You may get a a job offer that pays more, get a lucrative new assignment, or buy art or a piece of jewelry.

On the 13th, the Sun will talk to Uranus in your third house of communication, again giving opportunities to connect with siblings or work on a personal project involving writing or public speaking. You may ask brothers and sisters to help with your project, or you may attend a Mardi Gras event together. On February 15—and for the week and half afterward—you have success energies in place for starting any project dear to your heart, freshening your look or image, or improving your health, once the new Moon arrives in brilliant Aquarius at p.

A solar eclipse comes just minutes before that—and the day brings harmonious angles between Mercury in your image and personality house with Uranus in your third house of communication and between Venus in your second house of income with Saturn in your house of solitude.

Your quirky style may attract a new admirer, or you may adjust your work hours to allow more time to yourself or to go on a retreat. On the 17th, this theme continues with the Sun and Mercury coming together in your house of personality and your body for a final burst of thought provoking inspiration as well as possible new agreements with a health care provider or an image consultant. Feel the change from air to water, from electricity to "see in the dark" intuition. Pisces always activates your second house, where you focus on your possessions, values, and how you earn income.

Contact an appraiser about heirlooms and review how well your work aligns with your values. That can feel exciting for a while, yet it can leave us drained, too. Also, you already may feel a bit depleted: Aquarius time comes after the Capricorn time of year, a sober period when we feel conscientious and work very hard. We began January with four planets in heavy duty Capricorn, and by mid-month we had two more for a total of six.

You can plan your life with astrology by building in time to pause. Each month, the planets bring regular times that favor slowing down and reflecting:. This month brings several key dates to watch as you plan your month. Mark your calendar and take action or rest as recommended on the dates listed here, as your efforts can bring impressive progress now. Make time for your spiritual life: the full Moon and the day before and day after favor meditation, visualization, and prayer. Get out and meet new people.

February 1 Aquarius Personality

February At p. Greenwich time , lovely Venus moves into Pisces, a sign she adores visiting. Go to a dance recital, concert, or art museum or pull out your art supplies to create a dream-inspired masterpiece. Meditate on the meaning of love, connect with your muse, or meet with someone in the arts. Venus graces this place for a full month, so fill your social, cultural, and artistic calendar for the coming weeks.

February 11 — The balsamic Moon arrives at p. Greenwich time on February 11 and lasts until the new Moon on February 15 at p. February 13 and The Sun in a helpful angle with Uranus favors new contracts with unexpected features or fun with siblings. February New Moon in Aquarius at p. Greenwich time —with solar eclipse a few minutes before that—plus planetary harmony involving Mercury and Uranus as well as Venus and Saturn. The next week and a half supports new beginnings for anything you find personally meaningful and for actions related to health, image, and personal improvement.

February The Sun meets Mercury, just before the messenger planet moves into Pisces at p. Greenwich time on the 18th.


February The Sun moves into Pisces at a. Pause around that time and see if you can feel the shift from airy, intellectual Aquarius to watery, sensitive Pisces. February Venus meets with Neptune in Pisces, a heavenly pairing of human and spiritual love. Be a force for loving kindness with everyone you meet. February Mercury meets Neptune, so let your mind wander a bit today and pay attention to dreams or connect with your muse. Also, the Sun links with Saturn in Capricorn: bring lofty dreams down to earth to benefit others in tangible ways.

February 27 and Venus on the 27th and then Mercury on the 28th make the same helpful alignment with Pluto. Follow through on ideals from February 25 to bring spirituality, dreams, or artistic projects to earth in powerful yet practical ways that uplift everyone. This month finds you on yet another quest for mystical understanding. In fact, things that have eluded you in the past can be completed at this time.

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday! You may even get some new insights into what you want to do for this coming year. Not that you need any new ideas! The first few days of March are just a continuation from February. That should suit you just fine, I know most of you are into slumming. You may get the urge to re-invent yourself. Hey, that could be dangerous for somebody like you for whom the new and different is a way of life.

Good things are coming your way, and you could run into an older person, someone in authority, who will guide you in your quest. Somebody who will help you see your vision for the future. So, strap on that light saber and get ready to conquer the universe. Happy Easter! Your job is putting pressure on you and your personal relationships may have turned into a real drag. Nobody likes to have a crappy day at work only to go home to a place that feels like a prison.

Some of you may feel like running away to a cheap motel for a few days.


Aquarius Personality: January 20 - February 18 | HowStuffWorks

But before you buy that bottle of hooch and pick up a prostitute, try to get a grip. Everything should start to get better by Memorial Day. All you can do is take the bull by the horns and tough it out until things start to work out in your favor. Until then, your job will probably put a strain on your personal life and everything you do will require great effort.

You could say something that pisses off an authority figure like a cop, your boss, or your wife at the start of this month. There are many different things happening at once.

28 february horoscope aquarius 28 february horoscope aquarius
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28 february horoscope aquarius 28 february horoscope aquarius
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28 february horoscope aquarius 28 february horoscope aquarius
28 february horoscope aquarius 28 february horoscope aquarius
28 february horoscope aquarius 28 february horoscope aquarius

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