Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope

Mercury enters Sagittarius

It will be easier to communicate the truth under this energy. No more procrastinating -- it's time to clear the air. Some Mercury Retrogrades happen across two signs, but this entire retrograde is happening in Cancer, directing Mercury's mishaps solely at Cancerian areas of life: family, home, comfort, security Miscommunications with your domestic partner or relatives could rattle your home life, or a series of appliance breakdowns and home repairs could have you frustrated or even temporarily displaced.

If something needs fixing, get to it early instead of waiting until it becomes a headache. Most of last year's eclipses happened on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and now, two final eclipses happen on this axis that pits your family against your professional ambitions. Cancer is all about nurturing your domestic life, while Capricorn is about pursuing professional goals -- if there's a major imbalance between these two areas in your life, this annular eclipse will be sure to point it out for you. It's likely your work life has taken over and your family has something to say about it -- and with Mercury turning retrograde in Cancer just two days before this eclipse, this conversation may not go too smoothly!

Your loved ones need assurance now. This is the last eclipse that will happen on the Cancer-Capricorn axis until Now, at the end of a series of eclipses revealing the push-pull between your family versus your career, this culminating penumbral eclipse urges you to reflect on the long-held goals you have for yourself, and consider if they really mean anything to you anymore. Between this Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse in Cancer just a few weeks before, it's likely you'll find your priorities have shifted and there are other goals or aspects of life that are more meaningful to you now.

Mars only goes through a retrograde period once every two years. Mars Retrograde gives you an opportunity to recuperate and refocus your energy so you're spending it on what matters most and what will make the biggest impact in your life.

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It's like a timeout, when you aren't able to do as much as you may want to, but you get time to re-energize so you can really hit the ground running once Mars turns direct. This Mars Retrograde could feel especially frustrating, because it's happening in Mars' home sign of Aries.

Aries is a very active sign and doesn't take kindly to being told to slow down. Realize it's not about stopping entirely, it's about taking time to regroup. The final Mercury Retrograde of starts in secretive Scorpio but shifts back into Libra on October 27, changing the energy of the retrograde halfway through. While Mercury is backtracking through Scorpio, you may find it hard to connect with others beyond a surface level. Every time you try to talk about something deeper or more meaningful, everything gets confused and you find yourself retreating back to the surface.

It's difficult to develop intimacy during this time, and it doesn't get much better once Mercury retrogrades into Libra -- your attempts to show love or make things cooperative and easy could backfire, creating surprising confusion or hurt feelings. Be very careful with how you communicate with your loved ones during this retrograde -- actions will speak louder and clearer than words now. The penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is a time to let go of some old ways of thinking or communicating that are hindering your progress. Instead of running around in circles and getting the same results, this eclipse pushes you to break out of your well-worn cycle by realizing a new perspective on your situation.

Information that's been missing could arise now that will help you see the truth and think differently. Sagittarius prizes honesty and right-vs-wrong, so during this eclipse, you'll be faced with some truths about your life and your beliefs.

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A scenario will likely arise near this eclipse that challenges your blind beliefs and forces you to see a different perspective on your situation. It's hard to admit you may have been wrong, but this eclipse is your chance to open your mind to a new view that is more beneficial to your life. Can you handle the truth?

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After a brief entry into Aquarius earlier this year, Saturn now makes his official entrance into this intellectual and progressive sign, lasting until March of As mentioned above, Saturn in Aquarius is a time to step outside ourselves and realize our role in humanity. Your walls become doors now and your responsibility to your fellow man is revealed.

Civil rights, politics, and government take a more progressive direction during this transit. Jupiter returns to Aquarius this year for the first time in 12 years. When expansive Jupiter's energy combines with visionary Aquarius', it's all about looking ahead, thinking big, and embracing all of humanity.


Jupiter is the plant of opportunity and growth, and while he transits through progressive Aquarius, you're inspired to think in radical new ways and get people working together to create new possibilities for all. Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. They stay inside the lodge, drink hot chocolate, chat, and sit by the fireplace listening to the booms of the dynamite.

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An unconscious, ambivalent part of you created the situation so you could evolve. Saturn in Leo wants you to learn how to shine your own kinda light, sing your own kinda song. If you were not so frustrated and thwarted in your current situation would you even be considering change? Both aspects perfect next Saturday.

However, we are in orb all week so their energy will erupt in your life based on your chart. Venus and Saturn will show up as a thwarting and denial of what you think you want. It is all bubbles. Mars square Uranus is the event to watch for it marks the first crisis of confidence as well as your official cosmic opportunity to adjust situations started near their conjunction May 14, Mars square Uranus starts an avalanche in your life, creating the movement you have been waiting for since last fall.

You might not be in the ski lodge when it starts. So keep aware. Watch out for avalanches! Monday, Venus aspects Jupiter bringing a brilliant or genius idea to the surface of your mind. Please follow it or start to create towards it. Yes, even if seems quite far-fetched. That bubble will solidify. That is the place where the white parts are resting just behind the highlighted parts.

The highlighted part is the fight before you. Yes, you are! Moreover, what of it? Use your white parts? Highlight your former white parts a shocking pink? Our most profound gifts cast our darkest shadows. The universe can only work with us through the situations we create, via our conscious and unconscious beliefs. Our situations reflect our beliefs about what we deserve. When we are ambivalent, we create situations that thwart us or are ambivalent. Our situations help us understand how to integrate all the various parts of us.

But, hey, it IS part of us! It is there for a reason. Maybe if we agreed to use that part consciously, it would not seem so shameful, terrible, scary or disgusting to us. Maybe we would stop feeling like a victim of fate if we see our contribution to it. We are the ones using the highlighter pen!

We highlighted our own book, the parts we thought were important, all by ourselves! Wednesday and Thursday are about emotionally processing the difference between your highlighted parts and your white parts. Go back and review your history of trying to eradicate, avoid or not deal with your highlighted parts. Only you can get rid of it or change it.

Read the white parts. Friday rocks. The sun lights up how you create, how you highlight! The sun lights up how you can solve it. Bright sun light casts a dark shadow. A shadow!

Turn to look at what is casting the shadow. Mercury quintiles Pallas. An avalanche begins. Once the snow stops moving, your landscape will be completely different. Sunday throw away or hold on to something that represents the avalanche in your life. Forward we go.

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We do not. Your highlighted parts are unstable. Your highlighted parts want to roll down the hill.

lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope
lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope
lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope
lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope
lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope
lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope Lunar eclipse march 12 2020 horoscope

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