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You endure where others would falter. Innately, you understand that nothing worth having is given without some sort of sacrifice and you are willing to invest your time and energy fully when you have committed to an endeavour. The things you strive for are firmly held in reality and you will usually approach them in a systematic, organised fashion. Highly ambitious, you would make an excellent leader and administrator. However, you are most comfortable working out of the lime-light and produce the best results when on your own.

You have a good head on your shoulders though you may sometimes work at a slower pace than others. This slower work pace is likely due to you not wanting to miss any details in your work. Anything you start on, you intend to go the distance.

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Be careful not to become resentful from holding in your frustrations; find a way to express these upsets to those that have caused them and then let them go. You are a good mix of daring yet cautious. In your past life, you were able to find equilibrium between what you wanted in the moment and your duties. Socialising is difficult for you as you are usually a bit distant with others. Despite your ambitions, you are not power-hungry but rather just wish to do a good job. This placement helps to balance your feelings even when circumstances are difficult. Others may be frantic during these times, yet you remain calm and collected.

You are reasonable and unbiased during stressful situations which help you to solve the underlying issue amidst emotional chaos. This placement allows you to concentrate more effectively. You do not skirt your duties and people know they can rely on you to do what you have committed to doing. You are loyal to those in your circle and to the people you feel close to, supporting them behind the scenes.

You dislike being idle and enjoy watching the fruit of your labour. Mentally you tend to stick to the conservative route, letting tradition guide you. Frivolous thoughts for the sake of fun are not really your cup of tea; you take a more sombre approach. However, you are not always able to show your feelings towards those you care for. It would be beneficial if you could develop a more open manner and convey these inner emotions outwardly to them somehow.

You are independent and methodical, as well as having a good ability to organise, handle money and business, and behave diplomatically when interacting with people. You are very patient and willing to persevere until you have reached your goal.

Cancer Zodiac Sign, About Cancer Dates, Astrology and Horoscope

You are ethical, dutiful, faithful, and fair. Musical pieces will stimulate a fantastical world inside of your mind that you will happily enjoy for hours on end, peacefully tuning the world out. You are idealistic in your romances and hold to the belief that there is only one true mate for you with whom you can live happily ever after. Luckily, you are able to entertain these dreams while at the same time staying realistic in your day-to-day life without being swept up by it all.


You have a strong sympathy to those who are suffering and reach out to aid them when you are able. Naturally you are a generous person and helping others is satisfying to you on a deep level. You insist on doing what is right for mankind, keeping your personal ego at bay. It may be difficult for you to lead others or start a course of action due to your dislike of creating conflict.

You will do a lot for the people you love and do not require repayment of your kindness. You feel that there is another world out there that we simply cannot see and enjoy being around other creative or sensitive people with whom you can delve further into the mystics. Gospel harmonies tend to affect you intensely when you listen to them, and you know that you have touched a piece of another life. You are likely to have musical talent, possibly vocally.

Horoscope 2020: Your Complete Forecast, Cancer

Those who will aid you in the spiritual wisdom and evolution that you had begun in a past life are likely to be drawn to you in this one. Confident and driven, you have a tremendous amount of self-discipline and will do whatever it takes to succeed. You are aware of what it is that you wish to accomplish and the best way to go about it. Often the one leading a group, others rely on you to pave the path. You are opinionated and direct in communicating your viewpoints, always ready to fight for the things you value.

When you see a way to improve something, you work hard towards reconstruction. You have the will-power, the perseverance, and the dedication to achieve whatever you set your mind to. At times, you may become so focused on your work that you continue forward even when you are completely exhausted; tunnel-vision is likely when you have taken on a project. This tendency is detrimental to your physical health and you must find a way to pace yourself and make time for relaxation. You have a strong character though you keep this low-key as you choose to keep out of the limelight.

Preferring to be in the decision maker, you are often the one taking the lead in social situations and dislike anyone else trying to govern your life. However, it would do you well to develop tolerance for the way others do things and learn to be part of the team rather than acting director. Mystery appeals to you and you enjoy delving into the depths to discover all things hidden. If you channel your energies correctly, you may have an ability to heal others.

Investigation comes naturally to you and you access individuals and circumstances effectively and correctly; not much gets passed your keen observation. Shallow interactions are of no interest to you and you prefer deeper, more meaningful ways to use your time.


Verbal conflict and confrontation are not enjoyable to you though you will engage in them when you feel they are required. You are well able to keep yourself from projecting angry feelings outwardly, though when you happen to allow them to seep out, your emotions will burst forward intensely and others may need to stay out of your way until you cool down. You want to spread some of the joy you feel to others, though at times you may give too much of yourself. In your mind, whatever you set out to accomplish will work out somehow and this can cause you to put in very little effort or concern.

If something is difficult, you may exert only sluggish attempts of solving the issue. This is particularly true in regards to your emotions. You are also likely to indulge in tasty cuisine more than you should which causes you trouble in maintaining your figure and can lead to larger problems in the future.

Bejan Daruwalla (Cancer)

This placement bestows you with a pleasing personality, an idealistic viewpoint, an ethical nature, open-mindedness, good fortune, and monetary aid from friends and familial ties. You highly dislike dishonest behaviour and prefer to act honourably at all times; you have a very strong moral compass. You enjoy thinking about philosophy and can be rather devoted to your beliefs even if you do not belong to any specific religion.

You are self-assured and do not suffer with the insecurities that many are plagued with; you know who you are and what you are capable of.

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When you do encounter trouble, it does not keep you down for long but rather you are likely to find your problems quite humorous. In fact, you try to insert a good deal of laughter and joy into your life in general.

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  • You hope to see others improving themselves and their situations and you are happy to aid them in doing so if it fosters their advancement. The main concern with this placement is to be mindful of your tendency towards laziness and over-indulgence. You are well-loved by others due to your upstanding nature.


    You feel happiest when in the midst of an emotionally intense situation and therefore have no trouble handling circumstances where others are emoting dramatically, instead you dig to the heart of the issue and help to remedy the problem. Instinctively you understand that in order to be truly close to someone, emotions must be brought to the surface, no holds barred, and you strive to accomplish this intimate connection.

    Subjects pertaining to religion, science, mythical or mystical studies, sexuality, psychological evaluation, fiction based on scientific evidence, dying, the afterlife, or curing ailments are all fascinating for you. Your strong intuition helps you to truly comprehend what other people are feeling and going through. Gaining knowledge is pleasurable to you and you soak up new data like a sponge.

    Your feelings run much deeper than what you express to others. You work diligently and are dedicated to doing your job, even when much energy and will are required.

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